Achieve the Perfect Press Fit, Every Time

Posted By Promess | January 31st, 2017
There are plenty of “dumb” systems out there which can press parts together. Pneumatics and hydraulics have been used to do just this for longer than most of us have been alive. Human operators, while not dumb, present problems of their own. Even if all of the factors...

The Priceless Benefits of Quality

Posted By Promess | January 3rd, 2017
The quality advantages of using an electric servo press to crimp, join, fit, stake and bend components of medical devices are driving an increasingly widespread adoption of this technology in the industry. It really started with catheters that require a small metal tube...

Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press Technology Moves Li-Ion Battery Manufacturer A Step Closer To Perfection

Posted By Promess | June 30th, 2016
Lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are the technology of choice for applications ranging from handheld electronics to “plug-and-drive” vehicles, as well as back-up power systems used by “server farms” and other critical systems. Their performance characteristics are...

The Foundations of Function-Testing Gear Assemblies

Posted By Promess | June 30th, 2016
There are many different ways of testing gears and the assemblies in which they are incorporated. Functional gear testing could be defined as a series of tests that simulate the intended function of the product in an effort to determine whether an assembly operates within...

How To Evaluate an Electric Press

Posted By Promess | April 11th, 2016
Since Promess introduced its first electric servo-controlled press system in 1991, the success of this technology in intelligent assembly and test systems has spawned a number of competitive products in the market. When there was only one product to consider, the...

The Relentless Pursuit of…Good Enough

Posted By Promess | May 12th, 2016
“… when perfection gets in the way of productivity, it’s time to consider an alternative. A couple of years ago, I started saying “Good enough” and it’s transformed my . . .  life.” Chip Scanlan The Poynter Institute “Quality” has been the holy grail of...
Servo Electric Press Assembly

How to Stop Overpaying for Quality

Posted By Promess | February 25th, 2016
Mention “quality” and the almost certain response is “tighter dimensional tolerances.” But, with today’s machine tools able to mass produce parts with tolerances...

Kermit The Frog Was Wrong

Posted By Promess | November 6th, 2013
With today’s technology it really is easy being green. It’s particularly easy when manufacturers replace old technology hydraulic presses in their assembly operations with clean, safe, efficient electromechanical systems like the Promess Servo Press (EMAP). Let’s look...
Torque Data Aquistion Measurement

TorquePRO Assembly & Test Systems Introduced To Promess’s Line Of Intelligent Automation Products

Posted By Promess | October 7th, 2013
Brighton, Mich– Promess, Inc. has launched a new family of Motorized Assembly & Test Systems intended for intelligent assembly and test applications requiring twisting,...

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