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Most Equipment Suppliers produce a selection of standard products, that perform a few basic functions, designed for a range of applications. The end-users who purchase them and use them in their manufacturing facilities, often have to rig together “science projects” on their shop floor to make that equipment do precisely what their manufacturing process requires. If a product doesn’t exist that precisely fits your application’s need, in most cases, you’re just out of luck.

Promess Inc., with their line of fully electric, programmable presses and torque systems, takes a different approach.

Firstly, Promess has designed products that are inherently more flexible than nearly anything else available. Whether you are applying force or precise positioning with a Promess Servo Press (EMAP), applying & measuring torque or precise rotational positioning with a Promess TorquePRO, or any combination of both, Promess has what you need. And all of Promess’ systems are programmable to be used across the entire range of their stated capability. They are designed to be just as good at the high & low ends as they are in the middle. The software that they run on is intuitive, easy to program, and user-friendly whether you’re a senior engineer or an operator or technician on the assembly line.


Secondly, Promess has designed systems that last. Compared to most others, it is readily apparent, even at a glance, that these systems are designed for a long lifetime of rigorous use.  Many of the first press systems ever sold are still in use today, outliving even the production and marketability of whatever it was they originally produced. As such, countless Promess systems have been re-purposed for new uses, just as successfully as their original application, saving end-users a tremendous amount of resources and capital over time.

And finally, Promess starts with your application: what is it you are trying to accomplish and how can it be done consistently with the highest possible quality?

One of the first questions you’ll hear when you speak to a Promess engineer is, “What is your application and what special requirements, if any, are needed?” With the flexibility, programmability, and robustness built into every Promess system, chances are, your needs will be easily met without a second thought, and in the event that they are not, Promess will work with you to achieve a viable solution.

Chances are, whatever challenges you face regarding the application and measurement of force and/or torque, Promess has seen it before and, more likely than not, their standard product line can handle it. In the event that your special application really does require a little more, Promess’ team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the job gets done right. And when Promess isn’t the right fit, they’ll be honest and up front about that too.


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