Linkage Rod Cap Application with Promess Electric Press


Linkage rod for park lock systems on automotive transmissions.

The Park lock mechanism is mounted on a transmission for controlling operation of the transmission and, more particularly, for preventing the transmission from being shifted out of park position until predetermined vehicle operating conditions are met.

When the shift lever on a vehicle is placed in park, this linkage is pushed and the spring is compressed against the small tapered bushing which is also located on this linkage. This process actuates a mechanism that locks the transmission.


The customer, who is an OEM supplier of these linkages, needed to be able to scrutinize this part during assembly. In past assemblies it had been brought to their attention that many parts were not to specification. Many issues occurred: too many washers, too many springs installed onto one part, missing spring entirely, spring under/oversized, and bushing under/oversized.


With Promess assistance and help of a local builder, a Promess Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP) was added to their current machine. Within a few weeks, the customer was able to check every part completely for the previously encountered issues.


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