Bolt | Reciprocating Electro-Mechanical Actuator

Bolt Reciprocating Actuator

The Promess Bolt is a reciprocating actuator paired with Promess’ UltraPRO controller to form a complete package intended for applications requiring programmable, rapid, non-stop motion at frequencies not well suited for a ball screw-type press.

Bolt can operate at any speed up to 10 cycles/second with a dynamically adjustable amplitude and a driving force up to 60 kN. Built in force and position sensing provide feedback to make decisions on the fly and to collect detailed test data.

Application Capabilities

  • Fatigue Testing
  • Long-term characterization of mechanical parts
  • Die compaction of powdered materials
  • Material packaging


  • Integrated force/position monitoring
  • Dynamic stroke adjustment
  • Compression and tension
  • Continuous or externally triggered cycle

Software Capabilities

  • Motion Tasks
  • Gaging
  • Monitoring
  • Analytics
  • Data Storage


Bolt System Includes

  • Dual-Eccentric Servo Technology
  • Integrated force and position transducers
  • Servo motors
  • Digital Signal Conditioners (DSC)
  • Safety Drive Enclosure
  • Promess UltraPRO controller
  • Windows based Promess application software
  • Cables
    • Motor power cable
    • Motor encoder/resolver cable
    • Signal Cable DSC

Additional Options Available

  • External sensor(s) with signal conditioning electronics
  • Components mounted into an optional electrical panel
  • Desktop or panel PC

Flexible System Configurations

Promess software solutions offer a high level of flexibility, allowing our customers to configure the system solution to fit their process requirements.

Max Stroke
1 26
4 26
8 26
20 26
30 16
60 8


*Speeds of 0 - 30 Hz depending on model

  • Fatigue Testing
  • Pin Insertion
  • Stamping
  • Capping
  • Staking
  • Plugging



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