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Gain valuable knowledge from experts in the sensing industry on various subjects from press fit techniques to industry trends.  Webinars are available on demand by submitting your information below.  You will also receive notification for our live events as they become available.

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Webinar Press Fit ApplicationsSolving 4 Press Fit Applications in 30 Minutes

Promess Applications Engineers, Greg Cooke and Lee Bertossi explain how to solve four different types of basic press fit applications

Webinar-Advanced Press ApplicationsAdvanced Press Applications Made Easy

Glenn Nausley, President of Promess Inc. and Senior Applications Engineer, John Lytle, explain two advanced press techniques, and how Promess was able to solve them. Stick around after the presentation for a live Q&A session.

Selecting the Right Tools for Your Application

Part 1: Servo Press Basics

In this webinar you will learn about basics of servo presses and gain valuable knowledge to assist you in determining the right tools for your application.


Part 2: Understanding Press Fit Techniques

In this webinar we will dive into various assembly application examples, describing the methods to achieve the perfect press fit solution for each of them.

Part 3: Torque and Rotational Press Basics

In this webinar learn about torque to turn, in-process monitoring of torque and angle, along with applications requiring both monitoring and control of rotational torque and pressing.

Part 4: Backlash Testing: The fast path to production

This webinar will demonstrate how to shorten your time to production for gear backlash applications. We will be explaining gear backlash applications, the challenges faced in production and how we solve these issues for our customers.

Webinar Process DevelopmentPart 5: From Prototype to Production: Process Development with Promess

In this Webinar Promess will be education on our Process Development Center and discuss the four main points of success in creating a process for your application.

Webinar-Assembly Process Force FeedbackPart 6: Improving Your Assembly Process Using Force Feedback

Promess Applications Engineer Glenn Nausley III will explain several different techniques that involve press assembly using force feedback. For each technique, he will discuss a related application, followed by a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.

Webinar-Assembly Process Force FeedbackPart 7: 5 Reasons Why Going Electric Saves You Money

In this educational webinar, John Lytle and Stephanie Price team up to talk about how choosing electric systems in your assembly will save your company money. In their conversation, they will discuss 5 reasons that will help you understand why going electric is the right choice. They will cover topics such as maintenance, safety, cost comparisons and quality. At the end of the discussion, they will be able to answer any questions you may have about making the switch.

Webinar- Using Measuring ProbesPart 8: Using Measuring Probes for Making More Consistent Parts

In this webinar, Promess Engineers will explain techniques where using measuring probes has helped assemblies be more consistent. At the end of the presentation, there will be a chance to ask questions during the Q&A session. Topics being covered include; common problems preventing consistent assembly, what a micron is and why it’s important in assembly accuracy, and several applications where external sensors have solved as assembly problem.

Webinar- Assemble to a FunctionPart 9: Reducing Costs by Assembling to a Function

In this educational webinar, Promess Application Engineer’s Stephanie Price and Scott Laske discuss the various ways that assembling components to a function can help reduce costs on your manufacturing plant's floor. They will explain how assembling to a function to join imperfect parts affects the way they test, and the cost comparison between using perfectly machined parts and parts that have a larger tolerance range.

Webinar- TorquePRO and REMAP BasicsPart 10: REMAP and TorquePRO Basics

In this educational webinar, our Engineers, Neil Suva and Glenn Nausley III, reintroduce us to the REMAP and TorquePRO. Our rotational press and torque unit are great for applications that need in-process monitoring of torque and angle. As well as applications that require both monitoring and control of rotational torque and pressing. Save a seat for this webinar if you want to learn more!

Webinar- Press-Fit-StrategiesPart 11: Press Fit Strategies for Manufacturing

Grab your pencil and notebook and join us in our ongoing educational webinar series where we discuss press fit strategies for your manufacturing floor. Promess is known for its robust and reliable servo press system that has been used for numerous applications across various industries. In this webinar, Promess Engineers John Lytle and Scott Spencer will walk you through a few of these basic press fit applications and how to solve them.

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Webinar-Advanced Press ApplicationsPress to Force: Programming to Production in Less than 30 Minutes

Press to Force: Programming to Production in Less Than 30 Minutes is an interactive webinar that will cover how to set up a program to press to a force. Promess Applications Engineer, Edward Stockline, will walk through each step of the process and tell you how you can get your press production-ready in less than 30 minutes. He will also be answering any questions you may have along the way for that one-on-one experience.

Webinar Programming Using Measuring ProbesUsing Measuring Probes: Programming to Production in 30 Minutes

In this interactive webinar, Promess Applications Engineer, Edward Stockline, will go through the steps of setting up an easy program for a press system that collects data from an external measuring probe. He will be answering any questions you may have along the way for that one-on-one, training experience.

Webinar Machine Maintenance Using Auto-CalibrationSimplifying Machine Maintenance Using Auto-Calibration

Machine maintenance can sometimes be a hassle on the manufacturing floor, but Promess knows how to make it easy. In this webinar, Simplifying Machine Maintenance Using Auto-Calibration, Senior Applications Engineers, John Lytle and Stephanie Price, will discuss the benefits of maintaining your press with auto-calibration and demonstrate how to set up auto-calibration for your system.

Smart Assembly In the Heavy Truck Industry

In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. The effects of changing regulations in the heavy truck industry
  2. How to get tighter tolerances and better repeatability
  3. Sample applications in the heavy truck industry

Webinar Standard ProductsUsing Standard Products to Cut Production Cost

In this webinar learn more about how using standard products to cuts production costs. With the growth in technology, end users are expected to have smarter, scalable, flexible processes while saving money.

Ask the Experts: Things to Consider Before Buying Press Fit Equipment

One-hour panel discussion with President, Glenn Nausley, Application Engineering Director, John Lytle and Senior Application Engineer, Stephanie Price as they address important things to consider when buying Press Fit Equipment.

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