PRO-Bot2x | First Load Bearing Part Positioning Device

The manufacturing industries need for increased throughput and flexibility has never been higher. Minimizing operator intervention allows for safe, high-speed assembly operations with laser precision.

Promess designed the PRO-Bot2x to bridge the gap between fully automated and manual operations.

The PRO-Bot2x is an accessory capable of accurate movement to multiple press positions, allowing for multiple operations to be performed in one setup. Parts can be easily transferred to load/unload positions where they can be interfaced manually or via automation.

PRO-Bot2x is designed for the UltraPRO platform, allowing a single controller to run the PRO-Bot2x and associated press system. The system is ideally suited for use with Promess’ EMAPs, REMAPs, and TorquePRO torque units.


  • Precision part positioning
  • Load bearing up to 500kN
  • Two axis part positioning arm
  • Safely load/unload parts in work area
The Promess PRO-Bot2x can accurately position payloads up to 20 lbs. and handle press forces up to 500 kN.
Part Positioning

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