UltraPRO-SDE Safety Drive Enclosure

The UltraPRO Safety Drive Enclosure (PRO-SDE) is a compact controller enclosure with drive and safety circuit all built into one unit. The PRO-SDE is the easiest way to add motion control capabilities paired with data acquisition and analysis to any current assembly or testing process. The PRO-SDE is a compact enclosure designed to hold both the Promess servo drive and safety circuit all in one location.

The enclosure is ideal for almost any environment, due to its IP65 rating design. The PRO-SDE eliminates the stress that comes with wiring up large complex electrical panels by offering a clearly labeled connector style connections. This is advantageous because one of the most common causes for service is incorrect wiring on electrical panels. The PRO-SDE being one complete unit allows for easy installation, and once installed comes with little to no routine maintenance.

The PRO-SDE was designed around EtherCAT technology allowing for faster data transfer throughout the system. In addition to the UltraPRO Controller and PRO-DSC,  The PRO-SDE serves as a key component to Promess’ recently launch multi-axis UltraPRO Platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Robust enclosure
  • Built in 24VDC power supply
  • Provides simple connector based interface versus traditional terminal style wiring
  • Incorrect wiring of safety circuit is the most common cause for service, with the UltraPRO-SDE, the category 3 safety circuit is built in
  • All wiring is done in accordance with NFPA standards
  • EtherCAT based allowing for faster data transfer
  • Zero maintenance

Cost Savings

  • Only one electrical enclosure
  • Lower installation cost
  • No additional safety circuit required
  • Fewer parts the customer needs to order
  • Less engineering required
  • Pre-tested system
  • Less service and troubleshooting required
  • Zero Maintenance
Safety Drive Enclosure System Layout

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