Force/Torque Calibration Meter (PRO-CM16)

Force Torque Calibration Meter 

With the high demands placed on today’s manufacturing facilities to improve the quality of their products, certifying the accuracy of load monitoring equipment used in manufacturing has become a necessity.

The Promess PRO-CM16 Calibration Meter is designed for the calibration, certification, and verification of force and torque monitoring equipment used in assembly environments, manufacturing facilities, and R&D labs.

The PRO-CM16 is a battery operated, hand held meter with a precision amplifier housed in a very robust enclosure. The meter is designed to work with Promess transducers and standard strain gauge load cells to calibrate and certify force and torque measuring systems. The meter stores up to sixteen different transducer calibration and range settings.

A Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) interface enables plug and play sensor identification by the PRO-CM16 instrument. All data regarding a particular sensor is stored in the sensor and not in the display unit. The data is automatically uploaded to the PRO-CM16 when the sensor is plugged in, avoiding costly user mistakes.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Battery operated
  • Min/Max display
  • Stores settings for 16 sensors
  • Sampling rate up to 1600/s
  • Instrument accuracy +0.01%
  • USB interface
  • Digital sensor interface for automatic sensor identification
  • Designed for easy calibration of Promess Servo Press and Torque Systems


  • Minimum, maximum, and actual value display
  • User can select units from a list or define their own units
  • Acquired data can be sent via the USB port to a host computer for graphical or numeric display
  • Measures in tension and compression
  • Overload warning in positive and negative direction
Calibration Meter

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