Multiple Press Operation in a Limited Space

One of the constraints manufacturers come up against is limited space. It is entirely too common for a manufacturer to develop a grand plan to improve their process, only to find that the physical space required for the new equipment, including multiple presses, simply is not available, and the idea of having to move a heavy workpiece into multiple different positions under a single press, is simply untenable. Implementing such improvements would require a nearly complete reconfiguration of an assembly line or cell, and that may be out of the question due to time and budgetary constraints. The ideal solution would be a single piece of equipment, capable of multiple operations, with the ability to be moved and adjusted within whatever space is available.

An engine block, typically weighing a ¼ ton or more, has multiple cylinders, close together. Each of these cylinders operates in conjunction with a set of valves for the intake of fuel and the exhaust once that fuel is consumed. In order to operate properly and efficiently, these valves depend on seats and guides that are properly positioned and securely in place. Pressing these seats and guides into the engine block would require multiple large presses in a very limited space, or moving the heavy engine block into multiple positions under a single press. Neither of these are very good options.

Robot Press
Promess’ Robot Press

Promess Inc. has created the Robot Press to solve exactly these problems. With the Robot Press, a specially designed, single EMAP is fitted to a robotic arm. The workpiece, in this case an engine block, is moved into position beneath a stable backstop. The Robot Press moves to where each guide is to be pressed, using the backstop for positioning and to counter press-force. The press performs its work, precisely and accurately, to press each guide to the proper depth, providing closed-loop feedback with integrated sensors, and gauging the data generated, in real time, to ensure the quality of the pressed-in guide, and is then re-positioned. This operation is repeated as many times as necessary, within that limited space. The engine block can then be re-positioned, in a single move, and the process can be repeated for the valve seats, pressing each to a precise position and force, typically against a shoulder.

Promess’ Robot Press saves the manufacturer a tremendous amount of capital by reducing the number of presses needed to get the job done; Promess’ Robot Press solves the problem of multiple press operations in a limited space; and the Robot Press, like any Promess system, provides data feedback, gaged for quality, and storable for product verification, process validation, and efforts toward continuous improvement.

If limited space and capital expenditures are among your constraints, and if precise positioning and application of force are among your concerns, then Promess has the solutions.


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