Promess Motion Controller (PRO-MC)

Compact Motion Controller System
The PRO-MC is an all-in-one, plug and play motion controller.
This servo press system controller is designed to save space, save time, and save money. The PRO-MC comes fully assembled, wired, and tested, so it’s ready to be integrated into your machine.

With the PRO-MC, there is no need for another electrical enclosure. Valuable floor space is saved, thanks to the compact design. Inside the enclosure is the Promess DrivePRO servo amplifier with the integrated Promess MotionPRO card. Also included is a safety relay (circuit is designed to meet category 3 safety requirements), and a 24VDC power supply. All components are fused and protected from overload conditions.

With the PRO-MC, communication to the machine logic controller is simple. Whether you prefer Discrete I/O connections, Profibus, ProfiNet, ModBus TCP, or Ethernet I/P formats, communication to the PRO-MC is as convenient as “plug-n-talk’.


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