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process development center

Process Development Center

The PDC is designed to help you develop and validate your process. It also provides you the opportunity to "test drive" the Promess Technology best suited for your application. The PDC gives you access to the EMAP, TorquePRO, REMAP and most importantly Promess' 100+ years of combined assembly expertise.  All of this is available to you, our customer FREE OF CHARGE.* *Please Note: Higher volume test runs will incur a fee.


The Process Development Center gives you access to:


Together, these Electric Press Work Stations have the capability to detect force, distance, angle, velocity, and many other variables. For each test completed, Promess provides you with a complete summary of the test objectives and requirements, test programs, data collected, and signature profiles. We also maintain a permanent record of each test performed. This serves as both a record of development and a process back up for you. Sign Up

training center


All classes are tailored to your specific needs. Training classes typically range from one to three days, depending on the level of training required and the number of people scheduled to be trained. All classes are taught by one of Promess’ many application engineers, each one of whom has 10+ years of experience with Promess.


Whether you are learning about Promess for the first time, or you would like in depth training on existing Promess units, the Promess Training Center offers a wide range of training programs designed to meet the needs for those responsible for the installation, start-up, operation, and maintenance of your systems.


The programs offered through the Promess Training Center combine “classroom” experience with the unique ability to get “hands-on” with the equipment, maximizing the value of time spent and knowledge gained while on-site.

Please Note: Training quotes are dependent upon class size and content.

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