Save Big Dollars when Buying Capital Equipment

A difficult challenge even under the best of circumstances! But given today’s increased cost of materials and components, and ever-shrinking Cap X budgets, the ability to generate an acceptable level of savings has become more difficult than ever. This is especially true when investing in capital-intensive, high-level assembly processes and technologies.

How do you save Big Dollars when buying capital equipment?

Old Verse New Work Station Minimize risk and the level of impact it will have on your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

As the leading manufacturer of the world’s lowest cost assembly monitoring, electric press and functional test systems, Promess is doing exactly that, saving our customers millions of dollars in invested capital. We have helped our customers realize these saving by dedicating 100% of our resources to the minimization of risk, including:

  • The depth of our experience
  • The expertise of our engineering and technical resources
  • The advantage of our presence
  • The capability and flexibility of our products
  • Our extensive network of service and support

Promess strategically minimizes the amount of “at-risk” capital our customers spend, by investing in and applying technologies that:

  • Are purchased as an investment as opposed to being bought based on the lowest bid received and price paid.
  • Have been designed and built to withstand the rigors of high-volume manufacturing.
  • Require minimal maintenance, service or support compared to conventional technologies such as hydraulic, air/oil and pneumatics.
  • Are clean-running, quiet, and energy efficient.
  • Are designed, developed, and manufactured at our World Headquarters in Brighton, Michigan.
  • Are manufactured, sold and supported as a complete system. This eliminates the finger pointing and the “run from responsibility” phenomenon that occurs when store bought components are purchased, cobbled together and then fail or do not perform as-advertised.
  • Are supported regionally, nationally, and globally, 24/7/365
  • Are currently monitoring and controlling billions of manufacturing cycles, producing millions of parts for thousands of customers.
  • Feature Windows-based, highly-intuitive programming software that is easy to use. Has the power and flexibility to create part programs that range from simple to highly- complex. And, has the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements, planned or unplanned, without the time or cost needed to rewrite or upgrade.
  • Have the capacity to perform multiple operations and processes, such as assembly, testing and gauging in the same station, eliminating the need for pre/post-process stations and their related costs.

In the final analysis, makes money for our customers instead of adding cost.

By minimizing the level of “at risk” capital you invest, Promess reduces your total cost of ownership. By reducing these costs, you save money that when applied to your bottom line, adds up to BIG DOLLARS saved!

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