Rotational Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (REMAP)

The Promess Rotational Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (REMAP) provides fully programmable, precise and independent control of both linear and rotational motion into a single unit. The REMAP system has integrated force and torque sensors for controlling and monitoring the force and torque signals.

The REMAP is compact and easy to integrate into both new and existing systems. Unlike traditional linear/rotational systems involving complex designs and controls, the Promess REMAP comes in one complete, ready to run package.

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Features & Benefits

  • Press ram extends, retracts, and rotates
  • All motion independently controlled
  • Programmable position, velocity, acceleration, angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, and relative and absolute limits
  • Press to position
  • Turn to angle
  • Press to force
  • Turn to torque

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Signature monitoring, any combination of:
    • Torque vs. angle, force vs. position, force vs. torque, force vs. angle, torque vs. position, etc.
  • Gauging of sensing data points such as force, torque, position and angle (single point, minimum, maximum, and average) values
  • Adjustable process limits and tolerances

REMAP System Includes

  • Two fully programmable axis of motion
    • Linear extend and retract
    • Spindle rotation
  • Integrated force transducers
  • Integrated torque transducers
  • Two servo motors
  • Two preamplifiers
  • Two servo amplifiers
  • Motion control software
  • All required drives, electronics and cables

(kN)/(mm)/(mm/s) - (Nm)/(RPM)

  • REMAP 1/100/200 - 20/250
  • REMAP 1/100/200 - 50/250
  • REMAP 1/100/200 - 100/250
  • REMAP 5/200/200 - 20/250
  • REMAP 5/200/200 - 50/250
  • REMAP 5/200/200 - 100/250
  • REMAP 5/200/200 - 200/250
  • REMAP 12/400/200 - 20/250
  • REMAP 12/400/200 - 50/250
  • REMAP 12/400/200 -100/250
  • REMAP 12/400/200 - 200/250
  • REMAP 20/400/200 - 20/250
  • REMAP 20/400/200 - 50/250
  • REMAP 20/400/200 - 100/250
  • REMAP 20/400/200 - 200/250
  • REMAP 30/400/200 - 20/250
  • REMAP 30/400/200 - 50/250
  • REMAP 30/400/200 - 100/250
  • REMAP 30/400/200 - 200/250


Rotational Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press

Promess REMAP Systems are used by Builders and End Users in a broad range of testing, monitoring, and assembly applications. A few of these applications are listed below:


Bearing Pre-Load

The REMAP is the perfect tool when a component must be pre-loaded axially during a torque-to-turn test. Breakaway torque and running torque can be tested under varying load conditions. All data can be collected and plotted, including the torque vs. force curves.

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Shim Select

The complex process of selecting shims is made simple with the REMAP. The axial load on the assembly is progressively increased until the turning torque reaches the target level. At this point, the exact gear height is measured and the required shim thickness is calculated.

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Seal Pressing

Rolled or cut O-rings and seals are two common issues that can be greatly reduced by implementing Promess’ REMAP solution. Repeatable control of both the linear and rotational axes while monitoring force, torque and position through the entire operation will help produce a quality assembly every time.

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Self Actuating Torque Test

The REMAP is perfect for applications where you must feed out, couple to a component, and perform a torque-to-turn test. It is well suited to handle multiple part models. The Promess motion controller controls all motion which is performed by the REMAP.

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