TorquePRO Assembly & Test Systems Introduced To Promess’s Line Of Intelligent Automation Products

Torque Data Aquistion Measurement

Brighton, Mich– Promess, Inc. has launched a new family of Motorized Assembly & Test Systems intended for intelligent assembly and test applications requiring twisting, turning, ratcheting, or pre-loading of the products being produced.

Offered in six standard torque capacities: 1 Nm (9 in-lb), 5 Nm (44 in-lb), 20 Nm (177 in-lb), 50 Nm (442 in-lb), 100 Nm (885 in-lb), and 200 Nm (1,770 in-lb). Promess’ TorquePRO offers an off-the-shelf solution for an unlimited scope of applications.

“The TorquePRO combines a servo motor and torque transducer in an integrated torque spindle package that delivers plug and run functionality for a very broad range of intelligent assembly and testing applications,” says Promess President Glenn Nausley.

“We also designed the TorquePRO to be very compact and easily interfaced with assembly tools or test fixtures. It offers high torsional rigidity and can be flexibly mounted on its face or base plate to simplify the process of integrating into test and assembly systems.”

Standard TorquePRO monitoring and test capabilities include data acquisition and analysis, torque vs. angle signature monitoring, and gauging. A suite of advanced curve analyses functions including average torque, minimum torque, maximum torque, range/peak-to-valley, and area is also standard.

Typical applications for the Promess TorquePRO Motorized Assembly and Test Systems:

  • Measurement of bearing breakaway and running torque
  • Checking for freeness of riveted seat latch assemblies
  • Measuring the resistance torque of assembled gear trains and setting backlash
  • Testing the rotational torque of hinge assemblies and adjusting the tension of detent springs
  • Steering component test and assembly
  • Drive train component test and assembly
  • Manual window crank final test
  • Seat testing
  • Torque-to-turn testing

Promess is a 29-year-old firm that develops, manufactures, and markets its family of sensing devices, electronics, assembly presses and test systems on a global basis.


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