Smart Press Frame

Smart Press Frame

Promess’ Smart Press Frame is an accessory to add to your current pressing system. It only takes minutes to transform your ordinary press into a full digital force/position measurement system.

  • Gain insight into pressing forces for process development
  • Capture data for lab analysis
  • Be informed about your part quality
  • Verify ever assembly with force/position monitoring

Features & Capabilities

  • Smart PRO technology built in
  • Integrated force and position sensing
  • For lab or production use
  • Mechanical overload protection
  • Quick set up and no programming required
  • Perform batch studies and export data

Monitoring Capabilities

  • Data export
  • Part quality indicator
  • Indicates to operation OK/NOK
  • Individual force/position point
  • Promess data storage

Smart Press Frame Includes

  • Position-based force monitoring built in


  • Accepts custom tooling
  • Optional setup/visualization app

Available Force Capacities: 1kN, 3kN, 6kN, 12kN

Size Work Area Work Height Weight Footprint (L x W x H)
200 Ø 200 mm 200 mm 50 lbs. 304 mm x 203 mm x 302 mm
330 Ø 330 mm 330 mm 110 lbs. 422 mm x 330 mm x 432 mm
450 Ø 450 mm 450 mm 190 lbs. 555 mm x 457 mm x 552 mm
Pair with manual presses like arbor, pneumatic, hydraulic in more to collect data and in-process monitoring Low volume assembly involving press fit type applications
Smart Press Frame with Arbor Press Smart Press Frame with Enerpac

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