Software Flexible Configuration

MotionPRO Motion Control System

Promess software solutions offer a very high level of flexibility, allowing our customers to configure the system solution to fit their process requirements.

There are four basic components that make up the Promess software package – the Editor which is used to create the setup and programs, the HMI components for local viewing and the Data Service for collecting and viewing data. These software components can be used individually (remotely or locally) or in conjunction with each other as required.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid application development using powerful commands:
    • Motion control
    • Data acquisition and storage
    • Data storage
    • Looping and branching
    • Custom commands
    • Formulas
    • "Real-time" formula evaluation (a.k.a. live expressions)

Interface / Fieldbus Options

  • EtherNet I/P
  • Profibus
  • ProfiNet
  • ModBus TCP
  • Discrete I/O

Easy menu driven software includes:

  • Rapid application development using powerful commands:
    • Motion control
      • Move to position / angle
      • Move to force / torque
      • Move to an external signal
      • Move to a rate of change
      • Move to a compensation factor
    • Data acquisition and signature monitoring
      • Acquire force, position, angle, or sensor versus time or distance
      • Fixed high and low limits
      • Learned signature limits
      • Editable signature limits
      • Gauge force, position, angle, or sensor
      • Pass/fail outputs
    • Data storage
    • Looping and branching
    • Custom commands
    • Formulas
    • "Real-time" formula evaluation (a.k.a. live expressions)


  • Program debugging aids
  • Online and offline editing supported
  • Cut and paste
  • Editing history logging
  • Multi-user access control
  • Hardware diagnostics screen
  • Parameter setting screen
  • Manual jog screen
  • Controller event logging

Features & Benefits

  • Visualization of:
    • Signature curves
    • Gauge values
    • Live force, position, angle and senor readings
    • Part status (OK/NOK)
    • Faults and events
  • Parameter setting screen
  • Manual jogging screen


  • Maintenance-free HMI
    • No virus scanners needed
  • Complete visualization of one or multiple MotionPROs
  • Multiple HMIs may be connected to one MotionPRO simultaneously
  • Multilingual
  • Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows 7 compatible

Features & Benefits

  • Process data storage:
    • Signature curve
    • Calculated and gauged values
  • Server-level software
  • Continuous and reliable storage of MotionPRO


  • Plug-in architecture
    • Promess database
    • Q-DAS
    • Custom storage solutions
  • Works independently of Editor & HMI software
  • Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 compatible

Features & Benefits

  • Provides total data recall of signatures and gauge values
  • Works with Promess Database produced from any Promess product
  • Remote viewing using:
    • Microsoft file sharing
    • Dropbox
    • Microsoft SkyDrive
    • USB drives


  • Data recall features
    • Recall monitored graphs
  • Overlaid graphs
    • Recall gauged values in spreadsheet form
    • Export data to ASCII file or Excel
    • Data filtering
Promess MotionPRO Monitoring Software

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