The Challenge of Implantable Medical Device Batteries

Posted By Promess | November 1st, 2017
If the battery in your flashlight or cell phone fails, it’s an inconvenience. But, if the battery in your surgically implanted medical device (IMD) fails, it’s a medical emergency. Needless to say, batteries for the latter are very special and put together with extreme...

Working to be Lean, Green and Energy Wise

Posted By Promess | October 11th, 2017
Working to be Lean, Green and Energy Wise Lean manufacturing is a concept that engineers often tend to over-think in design and over-complicate in execution. When it comes to assembly operations this often results in engineers stripping equipment back to the bare bones,...

Smart Processes for Upstream Assembly

Posted By Promess | August 30th, 2017
The trend toward consolidating suppliers and buying modules or assemblies rather than parts is well-established and accelerating across a broad range of industries. It started in aerospace, where typically up to 70% of each aircraft produced today...

Intelligent Automotive Assembly Continues to Evolve

Posted By Promess | July 24th, 2017
In 2004, Promess Inc.’s founder, Larry Stockline, wrote an article describing how two fairly new technologies, real time process monitoring and signature analysis, were combined to improve the quality of an automotive wheel-stud insertion system. The...

A Kilowatt is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Posted By Promess | June 27th, 2017
It is no coincidence that hydraulics became the default technology for pressing applications during the century of cheap energy. Well, that century is over and today’s reality is very different. It is highly unlikely we will ever see energy that cheap again, which means, among...

Maybe the Wrong People Bought your Equipment

Posted By Promess | May 15th, 2017
Everyone knows that the purchase price of a piece of manufacturing equipment is only a fraction of the true lifetime cost. Nevertheless, the prevailing corporate culture is all too often tightly focused on minimizing the initial outlay regardless of the long-term consequences....

Moving Ball Joint Assembly into the 21st Century

Posted By Promess | April 24th, 2017
Ball joints are used in mechanical systems on everything from lawn tractors to cars and aircraft. They’re found virtually anywhere motion in more than one plane is required, and their function is very often critical to performance and safety. In aerospace...

Data-Driven Quality Needs Quality-Driven Data

Posted By Promess | March 27th, 2017
When Henry Ford started building the Model T, components such as bearings and gears were often assembled with hammers or an arbor press. In the hands of a skilled worker who knew what a successful operation felt like either could produce an acceptable level of quality.  That...

A Science Project is Not the Best Way to Qualify an Aero Actuator

Posted By Promess | March 1st, 2017
Motorized ball screw-type actuators are used to move and position many critical aircraft components, including wing flaps, elevators, tabs, slats, rudders, stabilizers, landing gear and a host of ancillary components. In most of these applications the actuators must function...

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