Promess Introduces Electromechanical Platen-Type Press for High-Precision Assembly and Material Preparation Applications

Posted By Promess | October 2nd, 2018
Brighton, MI – August 29, 2018 – Promess Inc. will introduce a new servo-controlled electromechanical platen-type press in Booth 305 at The Assembly Show 2018 in Rosemont, IL, October 23-25. The Promess Platen Press is designed for assembly and material preparation applications...

Why Modern Manufacturing Faces Pressing Needs

Posted By Promess | August 27th, 2018
Manufacturing has always had a need for accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and verifiability. Today that need is higher than it ever has been. That’s because manufacturing success now demands that each and every component that makes up a functional assembly fit together...

Integrating Quality Control into Press-Fit Assembly

Posted By Promess | July 25th, 2018
Manufacturers, particularly those involved with precision press-fit assemblies, are very familiar with the following scenario. The customer’s design engineers define a part assembly’s required geometry and performance and leave the “how-to-achieve-it” part up to...

Intelligent Automotive Assembly Continues To Evolve

Posted By Promess | June 27th, 2018
In 2004, Promess Inc.’s founder, Larry Stockline, wrote an article describing how two fairly new technologies, realtime process monitoring and signature analysis, were combined to improve the quality of an automotive wheel-stud insertion system. The system he described...

Closing the Loop on Catheter Crimp Quality

Posted By Promess | May 24th, 2018
There is nothing quite like supplying a catheter that comes apart during use to focus a manufacturer’s attention on quality, but supplying one that doesn’t work after it’s in place comes in a close second. Both of those defects typically are caused by the failure of...

A Feel for Quality

Posted By Promess | April 24th, 2018
While most industries rely on precision components, there are few where the need is as critical as in medical device manufacturing. Whether it’s a tool that ends up in the hands of a surgeon or a device used every day by a patient, the consequences of a poorly manufactured...

How to Assemble to a Function Ball Joint Assembly

Posted By Promess | April 2nd, 2018
“Quality” has been the holy grail of manufacturing for more than 40 years. It’s a worthy goal. High quality leads to satisfied customers, higher productivity and, if done right, lower costs and higher profits. But, if it’s not done right quality can come at a very...

How To Assemble to a Function

Posted By Promess | February 27th, 2018
Have you ever purchased a brand new set of pliers and upon opening the package found them so stiff that you felt like you needed the ‘jaws of life’ just to pry them open? Or had them flop open because the rivet joining the two halves was so loose that it felt like they...

Save Big Dollars when Buying Capital Equipment

Posted By Promess | February 14th, 2018
A difficult challenge even under the best of circumstances! But given today’s increased cost of materials and components, and ever-shrinking Cap X budgets, the ability to generate an acceptable level of savings has become more difficult than ever. This is especially true...

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