Composite Compression

Posted By Promess | July 16th, 2020
Composite Compression Application The most common assembly process for composite parts is compression molding. Material is inserted between coordinated metal dies and then pressed together under a high amount of force. Challenge The customer was previously...

Li-Ion Batteries Move a Step Closer to Perfection

Posted By Promess | May 22nd, 2020
Tools Lithium ion (li-ion) batteries are the technology of choice for applications ranging from handheld electronics to “plug-and-drive” vehicles and back-up power systems for server farms and other critical systems. Their performance characteristics are the result...

Hydraulic Pressure Relief Valve is Assembled and Tested via EMAP

Posted By Promess | April 10th, 2020
Valve manufacturers today are able to inspect parts during assembly rather than after to produce near-perfect fluid pressure relief valves. The Promess Electro-Mechanical Assembly Press (EMAP) uses no pneumatics or hydraulics; instead, press motion is initiated by a...

Vascular Closure Device Assembly and Function Test

Posted By Promess | February 20th, 2020
Application A manually operated release mechanism is placed into the housing body. A seal is then placed into one of the body halves. Then an air actuated press assembles the two body halves with integrated male and female clips. A torque test is then conducted on...

Linkage Rod Cap Application with Promess Electric Press

Posted By Promess | January 29th, 2020
Application Linkage rod for park lock systems on automotive transmissions. The Park lock mechanism is mounted on a transmission for controlling operation of the transmission and, more particularly, for preventing the transmission from being shifted out of park...

Promess Introduces Smart Frame for Manual Press Operations

Posted By Promess | September 26th, 2019
Smart Press Frame Promess, Inc. has introduced the Smart Press Frame, a force/position measurement system that electronically digitizes operations performed by manual or hydraulic and pneumatic presses. Available with 8”x 8”, 13”x 13” and 18” x 18” working...

Promess Introduces The Bolt Actuator for Continuous High-Speed Testing

Posted By Promess | September 25th, 2019
Promess Bolt Promess, Inc. has introduced a new servo-based electro-mechanical actuator intended for applications requiring programmable rapid non-stop motion at frequencies not well suited for ballscrew-type presses.  The Bolt Actuator achieves this new level of...

Data Collection: Data Hoarding vs. Data Usage

Posted By Promess | September 5th, 2019
The need for data collection in manufacturing is well established. For decades now, the idea has been pushed pretty hard, and most (successful) companies have gotten on board. Quality of individual assemblies, efficiency & effectiveness of processes, and environmental impact,...

Promess Exhibits at the Battery Show

Posted By Promess | August 19th, 2019
Promess, Inc. manufactures turnkey monitoring and motion sensing systems for precision assembly and test applications based on a series of standard hardware components synchronized, controlled and monitored with sophisticated programmable electronics and specialized proprietary...

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